Memories Lost And Found

  1. 作者 :
  2. H.G. Lee
  3. 出版社 :
  4. 紅出版
  5. 提取碼 :
  6. 122879
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  8. 其他




When most of the stories of the lives of patients of chronic diseases, and their caregivers, are grievous, intolerable, and even catastrophic, this is a very different one.

The narrative goes with the enduring experience of a couple’s lives to co-exist with Alzheimer’s, and how the caregiver husband, through his positive attitude, smooth the way for a meaningful and fulfilling journey of survival.

This is the third book of the writer, an English version of his first written in Chinese in 2005.

About the author:

The author was a civil engineer long been engaged in the construction industry. He has never yearned of the luxury of a peep into the world of literacy. However, through his care to his wife he was somehow implanted the desire to write.


  • 出版日期 :
  • 2012-09-24