Always Forever

  1. 作者 :
  2. Das Ansh
  3. 出版社 :
  4. Typhoon Media
  5. 提取碼 :
  6. 633990
  7. 分類 :
  8. 散文及消閒小說


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The dream of a life together is shattered when AD finds himself attending Mikee’s funeral. He is overcome with grief. But Mikee’s brief appearance in his life was not by chance; it was to trigger a spiritual awakening. With help from Mikee’s family and friends, AD sets about piecing together Mikee’s story. As he begins to discover life’s lessons through Mikee’s eyes, AD finds himself falling in love with an entire nation.
  • ISBN:
  • 9789881219510
  • 出版日期 :
  • 2016-09-14