A Discussion on the Degree of Autonomy of Arbitration in View of the Involvement of Court System

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  2. CHEUNG Wai Man 張慧敏
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  4. 紅出版
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My Master of Laws Dissertation is about International Arbitration with focus on discussing the Autonomy of Arbitration by: (1) comparing Arbitration with Litigation and Mediation and discussing the involvement of the Court in these dispute resolution mechanisms; and (2) comparing the Arbitration Regimes of two Common Law Jurisdictions, namely, United Kingdom and Hong Kong, so as to have a glimpse of the future trend of the development of Arbitration.

I am a Hong Kong born Chinese, a British National currently practicing as a solicitor specialized in Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution. I have spent a funny and inspiring year in 2012-13 to study Master of Laws at University College London in United Kingdom and obtained my Master of Laws degree specialized in International Commercial Law from University College London in 2013 which enhances my career development.
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  • 9789888380251
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  • 2015-11-27